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From the beginning, Organic Touch has cultivated close working relationships with industrial hemp farmers throughout the state of Colorado. This gives us the ability to obtain the highest quality of hemp allowing Organic Touch to make the best CBD in the business. We have built our business on a solid foundation of creating quality products through maintaining strong relationships with our farmers and other suppliers. Using one of the most reliable third party sources, we have also developed long-standing relationships with analytics labs.  Our focus on quality means that we consistently obtain the highest quality raw materials, which we then turn into consistent products that we can be proud of, and ensures that we easily meet and surpass our label claims. It also enables us to be completely transparent about the quality of each of our products. The closer you look, the more about us you will learn.


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The Cannabis plant has been cultivated as food and medicine for decades. Until recently, little has been known about the mechanisms behind its multitude of observed health benefits. CBD is currently one of the fastest-growing industries in the US because of its remarkable benefits to users of all ages and backgrounds. Senior citizens, in particular, have become a loyal customer base for CBD products as they have begun to trade their conventional medications for naturally-derived CBD. However, CBD has extremely broad appeal for everyone in families, and is appropriate for children, the elderly and even for family pets.


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